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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Overview with Dustin Tauer

Check out tv.adobe.com for all sorts of “how-to” videos on CS 5.5

Check out the Easel Training Blog for additional resources.

Pricing: Upgrades from CS5 are in the $300 - $549 range. Upgrades from CS4 are a bit more.


Dustin did a great overview of the new InDesign features. The highlight is the new Adobe cloud publishing feature, which will get your e-books into the hands of mobile device owners.


Dreamweaver CS 5.5’s neatest new feature is “MultiScreen”. Dreamweaver will help you develop for different sizes of browsers (a.k.a. iPhone users, iPad users).

Another sweet featured of Dreamweaver CS 5.5 is the inclusion of jQuery Mobile templates. These basically give you a great head start to building your own html-based web app.

PhoneGap is also included in Dreamweaver CS 5.5, so you can actually test and export mobile apps for Android and iPhone.


You can easily choose to build AIR for Android or AIR for iOS.
You can use the accelerometer in mobile devices.
Check out market.android.com to get your app into the Android marketplace.

Watch Lee Brimelow build and deploy an Android app in about 6 minutes.

Publishing to iOS
Note: In CS 5.5 you can share assets between .fla projects. To take advantage of this feature, use the “Project” panel and create a new project. Once you have the new project created, you can check the select box in the “Library” panel next to the asset you want to share.

You can now scale entire projects on the fly.

Note: When previewing mobile apps, the size of the stage will be dynamically resized to match the device being tested.
Note: If you want to test out iOS apps on the actual devices, you need to sign up and pay at developer.apple.com their $99/year fee and also jump through a bunch of other hoops to get things to the testing phase.

As Dustin says, if you want to publish on iOS, “You’ve got to want it.” It is pretty difficult to get things set up with Apple + Flash (though the problem here is on Apple’s side of things as evidenced by the ease by which we can publish Android apps in 6 minutes).

For more resources on how to get rolling with iOS development in Flash, check out Dustin’s blog post on the matter.

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