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Squinkies!!! - Ryan Coatney from Blip Toys Presentation



At tonight’s FlashMN meeting, Ryan Coatney from Blip Toys shared his key learnings from his development of the Squinkies website.

In case you don’t know, Squinkies are a series of kids toys that are one of the hottest-selling toys in the world.

The website is key to the Squinkies strategy, because it helps kids to keep track of which Squinkies they have and which ones they want.

The development team gets a lot of great feedback from their Facebook page. Parents will log in and provide advice and ideas. For example, the idea of a printable “Squinkie bank” came directly from Facebook.

Also, I learned tonight that Blackberry will be giving away a free Playbook tablet to everyone who gets an app accepted to their proprietary app store prior to the launch of the tablet. (Thanks Dustin!)

The cool thing about this is that the Blackberry app store accepts Adobe Air apps.  That means that if you can create something in Flash, you can create a Blackberry app.  I am sure that last sentence is an oversimplification, but you get the idea here.  Score one for Flash!