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Mark Gason TweenMax Presentation

Tonight at FlashMN, Mark Gason led a very informative beginner’s session about TweenMax (and TweenLite).

Mark prefers TweenMax over TweenLite, because TweenMax contains TimelineMax.

Basically, TweenMax is like Tweener, except that the former has some extra features added.

There was so much more in the presentation, but you’ll have to ask the Yahoo! Group for more details. I need to roll out. :)

January ‘10 Meeting

Wednesday, January 20th, Mark Gason is presenting to the group TweenLite.

  • The advantages of using a 3rd party tweening engine.
  • The basics of installing and using TweenLite and TimelineLite.
  • Getting started using them, code demonstration.
  • Some advanced uses you may not think of.

As usual we meet at 6:30pm at Easel training in St. Paul.

All are welcome, but if you could, please RSVP at the Yahoo user group.
The RVSP poll should be up about a week before the event.