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Dan Holth on New 3D Features in Flash Player 10

I am sitting in tonight’s FlashMN meeting and am quite impressed with the stuff Dan Holth is doing with 3D in Flash. He (and his team) are working on a sweet 3D application that allows you to test out all sorts of floor tiling (literally floor tiles that you would lay down on the floor of your kitchen or bathroom) types, patterns, and colors.

He is using the “custom perspective projection point” to manage the perspective of his 3D items. There is an object called “perspectivePoint” that allows you to control the perspective.

The “perspectivePoint” object utilizes Flash Player 10, so some folks (I’m looking at you, Grandma!) won’t be able to view the feature.

Masks, by default, follow the 3D perspective - this is bad. Dan had to do some “special” stuff to make the mask work properly.

Meeting 8-19 6:30pm Easel Training

Daniel Holth will be presenting on the DalTile and American Olean room designer
that Universal Mind developed this Spring. The talk will primarily focus on the
challenges of working with Flash Player’s new x/y/z rotations, setting
perspective projections and masking in 3D space.

A features over view of the application can be found at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcwQIJ974A although the actual application will
not be available for use until later this year.

I hope to see you everybody there!